My Digital Life Show #2: Is Podcasting the Same as Radio?

My Digital Life with Rob GreenleeHere is episode #2 of the new “My Digital Life Show with Rob Greenlee”.  This episode is much more focused and becoming more like the vision that I have for the show.

The topic this week gets back to my passion and that is the medium of “Podcasting”.  This show will target one specific topic each week.  These topics will generally be about new media and podcasting, as it seems those topics are on my mind more then others.   I will write an article then do an audio episode about it to go into more detail on the topic.

In this episode, I discuss the long-running issue of “Is Podcasting the Same as Radio?”.  I also wrote an blog post on this topic here about a week ago. Give it a read and then listen to the audio episode.

Thank you Adrian Bacon and Daniel J. Lewis for contributing with comments that you will hear in this episode.

Please feel free to give me feedback on this show to: rob at robgreenlee dotcom or twitter @robgreenlee .  Leave some of your thoughts here in the comments and I will respond to them in next week episode.

3 thoughts on “My Digital Life Show #2: Is Podcasting the Same as Radio?

  1. JD Sutter

    Enjoyed the topic Rob. Looking forward to hearing what you share in upcoming episodes.

    As for the topic of this episode, I share a lot of your feelings on this. Radio and podcasting have many similarities, but are also very different. I had explored similar thoughts myself on my blog awhile ago. You may find it interesting.

    I also wanted to let you know that I’ve really been enjoying The New Media Show.

    Keep up all the great work and thanks for all you’re doing for the world of podcasting.


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