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The New Media Show officially launched in 2013 and was a spin-off of The Saturday Morning Tech Show. Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane found themselves talking more about New Media and Podcasting than Tech and decided to re-brand the show.

Since early 2013, Todd and Rob have interviewed luminaries in the New Media and Podcasting space. The show has become one of the leading podcasts about the podcasting industry. If you wish to appear on the show, please contact Rob Greenlee at rob at to be scheduled for an appearance.

Weds, Noon PST / 3 pm EST


Trust Factor with Rob Greenlee

“Trust Factor” is a groundbreaking video show that focuses on all aspects related to building trust in human-to-human and business-to-human relationships. Rob Greenlee, a seasoned podcasting professional with years of experience in media communication and business leadership, hosts the show. He brings his experience to this vital topic of our times.

Each episode of the show delves into different aspects of trust-building, including the importance of trust in human relationships, communication strategies, ethics and integrity, conflict resolution, customer relationships, leadership, and more.

Spoken Life Podcast

We explore the impact of the old-fashioned spoken word and how it can be used in digital media. Mediums like podcasting long and short-form videos made available globally are making deeper and more meaningful human connections.

The foundations of trust are enabled by returning to the fundamentals of the human story, instant global connections, and communications that have never existed before.

These evolutions will transform our human interactions on a global scale and enable a new world of connection that will hopefully heal divisions and enable genuine interpersonal relationships with real humans and artificial humans.

Join pioneering audio creator and long-time podcast host Rob Greenlee, Former VP at Libsyn, 2017 Hall of Fame podcaster, and former host of the first commercial radio show to become a podcast in 2004, as he takes you through his past, present, and future of the digitization of the spoken word.

8 thoughts on “Rob Greenlee Podcasts

  1. J Gonzales

    I was here earlier and didn’t see any of the sneaky fellas. So I figured that I’d check now. Something popped up then as quick as it showed…it was gone.

    Also, the camera angle changed?

    Excellent idea!

  2. robert castor

    im calling this the cooncam…. i love coming here . this is better than commercial tv!!!

  3. Shanna Walker

    you should install a ‘light button’ for us viewers to hit when it’s dark out…only of course if it doesn’t bother you or the neighbors and doesn’t stay on too long…it’d be cool to see what’s lurking in the dark 🙂

  4. Rob Greenlee Post author

    Our Greenlee Family Reunion will be happening on camera Live this Sat, July 27, 2013 on this deck. Yes, you are seeing live our back deck with an aquaponics greenhouse on the right side of the image. We do leave the back deck light on so it is visible 24 hours a day. We often have wildlife visiting this deck, so check back every so often to see happening going on.

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