New Media Show Live

Weds, Noon PST / 3 pm EST


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I was here earlier and didn’t see any of the sneaky fellas. So I figured that I’d check now. Something popped up then as quick as it showed…it was gone.

Also, the camera angle changed?

Excellent idea!

im calling this the cooncam…. i love coming here . this is better than commercial tv!!!

you should install a ‘light button’ for us viewers to hit when it’s dark out…only of course if it doesn’t bother you or the neighbors and doesn’t stay on too long…it’d be cool to see what’s lurking in the dark 🙂

Our Greenlee Family Reunion will be happening on camera Live this Sat, July 27, 2013 on this deck. Yes, you are seeing live our back deck with an aquaponics greenhouse on the right side of the image. We do leave the back deck light on so it is visible 24 hours a day. We often have wildlife visiting this deck, so check back every so often to see happening going on.

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