Rob Greenlee

Rob GreenleeIs a well-known 19+ year podcast executive, show host, evangelist, professional speaker, and panel moderator/keynoter inside and outside the podcasting industry globally.

He is currently the Founder of Spoken Life Media, LLC, Podcasting/Content Creator Partner, StreamYard.com, Host of “Podcast Tips with Rob Greenlee“LIVE streamed every Thursday, 7 pm EST on StreamYard Channels, and Co-Founder/Adviser, PodcastEZ.com

Former Board Governor “Treasurer” Member and former Founding Chairperson of The Podcast Academy, and Current Chairperson, Podcast Hall of Fame and 2017 Inductee into the Podcast Hall of Fame.

In his roles at new media, tech, and podcast SaaS platform companies like Microsoft, PodcastOne, Spreaker, Voxnest, Libsyn, Advertisecast, and Podbean. He has managed content providers, technology, distribution, and monetization partner relationships at all levels.

He also focuses on building trust in podcasting to maintain its long-held values around openness, sharing of ideas, independent creators, and innovation.

Rob’s long and storied history on nationally syndicated terrestrial broadcast radio starting in 1999, then webcast and podcast. WebTalk World Radio Show was heard on XM satellite radio and is recognized as the first broadcast radio program in the world to begin podcasting on Sept 15th, 2004. To hear archived audio shows from 1999 through 2006.

He has continued working to advance the podcasting medium in these current and previous positions:

He is an active three-times-a-week podcaster and video show host by co-hosting The New Media Show audio & video podcast that streams LIVE every Wednesday afternoon at Noon PST/3 pm EST. Host of Trust Factor with Rob Greenlee” Audio Podcast | Video Version

A few years ago, he stopped publishing his three-year-old 186-episode podcast series, Spreaker Live Show on Spreaker.  He is also the former founder and lead host of the WebTalk World Radio Show and Zune Insider podcast.

He is working on a Podcast series called “Spoken Life Show.

He attended Pacific Lutheran University, earning a BBA in Business Administration with a Marketing Concentration.

Available for global keynotes, interviews, panelists, moderator opportunities on digital media, and podcasting topics: email: rob. greenlee at gmail.com.

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  1. Jonathan Marquez

    Hi Rob,

    My name is Jonathan Marquez and I was doing some research on some tall glasses of OJ and I stumbled upon your information. We are having an event at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival and I would like to talk to you and get to know more about how you created it, and if we can showcase it at our clients tent?

    If you could please email me or call me back at 561-750-3500, it would be truly appreciated!

    Best Regards,

    Jonathan Marquez

  2. Mitchell Hansen

    Hey could you by chance convey to your coworkers that we need some damn Zune hardware up in here? =) I am never going to buy a friggin Ipod so I would love to see one more Zune brand product pass the doors before the hardware side of Zune dies. =)
    Thank you if you ever get to reading this email, keep up the good work, Zune defiantly has grown since the good Ol’ brown and green brick. I love the work you guys do.

    So if you’re ever in Ellensburg (CWU’s town) call me up and I would happily buy you a good meal and sit down and talk about Zune? Microsoft? (I hope to be a computer coder once I get through college).

    Mitchell Hansen

  3. Karl Cramer

    I used to love the New Movie Trailers Podcast you recommended on the Zune Insider but it hasn’t updated in a while. What happened?

  4. Rob Greenlee Post author

    Sorry, backend publishing issue. It is back up and you should see new Movie Trailers again.

  5. Rob Proctor

    Hi Rob,

    Hope you are well.

    My name is Rob Proctor and I am the CEO at Audioboo.com, based in the UK.

    I am contacting you to potentially present Audioboo and hopefully discuss how Audioboo might be able to work with yourself and Windows Phone.

    We are experts at spoken word audio, especially spoken word and odcasting where we work with the likes of: The BBC, CBS, Aljazeera, Southern Cross Auatereo, News International, The Guardian and many more. Indeed we now have over 2,000 active content channels.

    Our platform allows users large and small to create, upload, store, broadcast and embed their audio…..so is a very versatile creation, promotion and marketing platform for all sorts of audio content.

    We recently floated on the UK stock market and are now redeveloping our range of mobile apps beyond just iOS and Android….so would love to work closely with windows phone.

    Please drop me a line and hopefully we can catch up and have a chat.

    Cheers for now

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