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New Media Show #565

From Podfade to Podcast Renaissance: Predicting the Revival and Future Success of the Podcasting Medium – James Cridland, Sam Sethi with Host Rob Greenlee

Have you heard these myths about the future of the podcasting industry? Myth #1: Podcasting is just a passing trend. Myth #2: The market is oversaturated with podcasts, making it impossible to stand out. Myth #3: Only big-name podcasters can succeed in this industry. In this episode, our guests, James Cridland and Sam Sethi, will debunk these myths and share the truth about the future of podcasting.

With guests are James Cridland, Sam Sethi, and Host Rob Greenlee

James Cridland, the editor-in-chief of PodNews, is a well-known figure in the podcasting industry. With his daily updates on the latest happenings in podcasting, James keeps podcasters and content creators updated. His expertise and insights make him a sought-after guest on various podcasts, including his own show, the PodNews Weekly Review. James’s ability to find excellent interviewees and his knack for delivering engaging content make his show a must-listen for anyone interested in podcasting. With his deep knowledge of the industry and his passion for the medium, James brings a unique perspective to the future of podcasting.

We just need to keep on pushing new ideas and eventually Apple and Spotify will wake up, smell the coffee and go, ‘Oh, you know what? That would be quite a good feature for us to include.’ – James Cridland

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Learn about the latest data and podcast industry discrepancies that could impact your show’s growth.
  • Discover how to integrate live video streaming into your podcast to engage your audience in a new way.
  • Gain insights into the challenges of communication and PR in the podcasting industry and how to overcome them.
  • Find out how YouTube Music’s podcast integration can expand your show’s reach and attract new listeners.
  • Explore the future of the podcasting industry and stay ahead of the trends to ensure the success of your show.

Challenges in Communication and PR
Clear communication and effective public relations are the soul of any industry, and podcasting is no different. Recent developments like the integration of podcasts into YouTube Music highlight the vital role of communication in explaining complex features and addressing queries. Engaging a dedicated PR person to manage podcast-related inquiries, as Apple has done, can significantly streamline communication processes and ensure a smooth user experience.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit the PodNews website ( to stay updated with the latest podcast news.
  • Check out Podfans FM (, a new platform that supports all the podcasting 2.0 standards.
  • Listen to the Podnews Weekly Review podcast ( for interviews and discussions about podcasting.
  • Explore the alternate enclosure tag in podcasting 2.0 to provide audio and video options in your RSS feed.
  • Consider using the Podfans platform to broadcast live events with audio and video capabilities.
  • Utilize the alternate enclosure tag to allow viewers to watch or listen to your content.
  • Experiment with combining audio and video feeds to simplify the user experience and avoid splitting your audience.
  • Check out YouTube Music for a user-friendly switching experience between audio and video content.
  • Consider a convergence strategy by producing audio and video content for your podcast, if applicable.
  • Stay tuned for future episodes of the new media show for more insights and discussions on podcasting.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:05 – Introduction

00:01:15 – Podcasting 2.0

00:04:40 – Podnews Weekly Review

00:06:48 – Implications of the Alternate Enclosure Tag

00:07:48 – Apple’s Support for Alternate Enclosure

00:14:36 – Spotify’s Video Feature for Joe Rogan

00:15:02 – Splitting Listeners and Podcast Industry

00:16:21 – YouTube’s Strengths and YouTube Music

00:17:53 – Importance of Alternate Enclosures

00:18:27 – Live Tag and Radio Industry

00:30:10 – Live Item Tag Support in Podcasting Apps

00:30:47 – The Potential of Live Podcasting on Apple

00:34:11 – Improving Streamyard with Permanent URLs

00:31:01 – Simultaneous Publishing for Live Episodes

00:36:58 – Podcast Hosts Embracing Live Podcasting

00:46:32 – The Importance of Repurposing Radio Content

00:47:57 – Podcasting Revenue and Radio’s Perception

00:49:59 – Radio Companies and Podcasting

00:51:30 – Consolidation and Advertising Deals

00:54:31 – Scams Targeting Podcasters on Facebook

01:02:59 – Introduction to YouTube Music’s podcast features

01:03:40 – YouTube Music’s dual approach to playing podcasts

01:05:04 – Difference between YouTube Music and YouTube Studio experience

01:07:04 – Lack of communication from the YouTube team

01:10:54 – Increase in podcast listening among older audiences

01:19:16 – How the hosts’ shares are doing

01:19:40 – Early adoption of electric cars

01:20:26 – Reluctance to buy an Elon Musk car

01:21:17 – Electric car preferences and concerns

01:23:03 – Future of podcasting

01:34:23 – Podcast Industry Data

01:36:01 – Validating Podcasts

01:37:31 – Podcast Completeness Tag

01:40:15 – Discrepancies in Podcast Numbers

01:42:35 – Contact Information

Harnessing the Power of Convergence: Audio and Video Podcasting Strategies

by Rob Greenlee

Spoken Life Media and Host, “Podcast Tips with Rob Greenlee,” Co-Host,

Rob Greenlee

The distinction between audio and video content creation and consumption blurs in today’s rapidly evolving digital media landscape. It is increasing consumption and creation options. This convergence offers creators audience reach, engagement, and monetization opportunities. Here’s a deep dive into the strategies and expertise that can harness this power to its fullest potential.

Audio and live and on-demand video podcasting are two popular forms of media that can be used to share information, opinions, stories, and more.

“According to Edison Research, the percentage of Americans age 12 and older who listen to podcasts weekly has grown from 8% in 2014 to 31% in 2023. However, it’s important to note that only 17% of podcasters will record a video with their audio in 2023. Please note that these percentages can vary depending on the source and methodology of the research.” – Edison Research

Video podcasting can offer advantages over and in addition to audio-only podcasting, such as more visibility, searchability, and content repurposing at massive content discovery platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Video Podcasts, and newer platforms like Rumble.

Many great free online video resources exist to learn about making a video podcast; you can check out some of the video results from any web search. They offer tips and tutorials on setting up a video podcast studio, what equipment and software to use, and how to upload and distribute your podcast.

Expertise in Audio-Video Content Production
Excelling in audio and video content production requires amazingly powerful production tools that enable a meticulous blend of creativity, experience, focus, learned skill, and determined technique. The content leaders in this audio and video convergence sphere understand the nitty-gritty of pre-production live video streaming that crafts audience interactivity and resonating narratives. Then, fine-tuning them in pre-production, production lighting, visuals, recording with ideally less intrusive microphones, and post-production. It’s not just about creating content; it’s about crafting an experience that blends audio and video into a better video and audio experience.

But the magic truly begins during and after content creation. Online content marketing bridges the creator, the brand, and the consumer. By mastering this, they ensure that every story, every piece of content, reaches its intended audience most efficiently.

Technical Prowess Meets Creative Vision
In an era where the audience demands seamless experiences, technical proficiency is non-negotiable. By integrating technical APIs, these content maestros guarantee a fluid media consumption experience, merging tech capabilities with a clear creative vision.

Business Development: Beyond Just Content Marketing
While content is king, its reign is fortified by strategic business decisions. Navigating the industry’s business side, these experts focus on more than just sales growth and building communities around their shows. Their strategies don’t just distribute content; they distribute experiences, enhancing brand visibility and value. With bespoke offerings, every client’s unique needs are addressed, ensuring content that’s viewed and felt.

The commitment to staying updated is evident with an expert evangelist onboard, always on the lookout for innovative recording technologies that promise to define the future of digital media.

Community Growth and Education: Building the Ecosystem
What truly differentiates shows and hosts of shows is their commitment to growing community. By being active voices in key events, moderating panels, and driving insightful conversations, they’re shaping the narrative around the future of media via thoughtful and passionate leadership in those communities.

Specialized training sessions are available online for enthusiasts eager to delve into the world of podcasting. Many of the best ones online are not just lessons; they are customized and clear pathways to mastering the art of content creation.

Recognizing the undeniable power of live and on-demand video
Budding creators in video production, emphasizing building a loyal subscriber base. Their expertise continues beyond there. They’re adept at YouTube channel and podcast development, leveraging two of today’s most potent platforms.

The convergence of audio and video podcasting isn’t just a trend
It’s a paradigm shift in content consumption. As we move forward, it’s evident that the winners in this space will be those who can seamlessly blend all these mediums, offering audiences a symphony of experiences. And with the expertise highlighted above, the future of digital media looks brighter than ever.