AI, Audio, and Podcasting with Emma Chillekens – Ep 7

Episode: AI, Audio, and Podcasting with Emma Chillekens – Ep 7

In Episode 7 of the Spoken Life Show Podcast, Podcast Hall of Fame host Rob Greenlee engages in a captivating conversation with Emma Chillekens, a senior producer and former actor whose career spans the performing arts, radio journalism, and podcast production. Emma’s journey began in the dramatic space, where she honed her skills as an actor, dancer, and singer. She later transitioned to public radio with ABC Australia, hosting shows for eight years, and eventually moved into the podcasting space, focusing on tech and artificial intelligence. Emma is a senior producer for “Shift,” a podcast exploring AI and frontier technology.

In this episode, Emma discusses her unique approach to audio storytelling, emphasizing the importance of rhythm, timing, and the intention behind lines. She shares insights into the challenges and opportunities AI presents in the creative industry, reflecting on its potential to augment human creativity while posing ethical dilemmas. The conversation also delves into Emma’s experiences with public radio, her audience-centric approach to content creation, and her thoughts on the evolving podcasting landscape.  

Emma says this about herself: “I am a bit of a mythical creature when it comes to my work in the media industry. I started my full-time career in print media in Australia with Fairfax, and I’ve also worked in television and online and have reported for social media. I am passionate about audio and have hosted and produced live radio at ABC Radio Audio Presenter/Host and Producer) and podcasts for seven years. I’ve worked on projects with ProPublica, WNYC, SpareMin, NYU, WSJ, and MIT Tech Review. Most notably, I worked on ProPublica’s Peabody, Polk, and Goldsmith award-winning maternal mortality series and the short documentary series Finding Sanctuary, which won a New York Emmy. In 2019, I changed things up and worked at the intersection of product and editorial in a role leading editorial partnerships for Barron’s on its audience team. In 2020, I co-created a podcast about artificial intelligence with Jennifer Strong called Machines We Trust.” 

The Spoken Life Show is a podcast series that explores the impact of audio on personal and professional life. It features in-depth interviews with creators, artists, and industry experts. Hosted by Rob Greenlee, the show offers valuable insights into the world of audio storytelling and its future.

You can listen to the Spoken Life Show on various podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Don’t miss Episode 7 for an enlightening discussion on the intersection of creativity, technology, and the power of audio.

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