Power of Audio – Rob Greenlee with Josh Cary – Ep 1

Episode: Power of Audio – Rob Greenlee with Josh Cary – Ep 1

In this first episode of Spoken Life with Rob Greenlee you will learn about the power of audio and podcasting as radio host and podcaster Josh Cary (https://joshcary.com) interviews me from WOR-AM Radio Studio in NYC 

I am Rob Greenlee, long-time podcast host… that has been in the podcasting space since 2004 – RobGreenlee.com/about/

This show exists for both of us to explore and experience the layers around how technology and native human communications are taking digital spoken word back to the fundamentals of human story.

This digital instant global connection and communications has never existed before and is causing unprecedented social and economic changes that have never been possible in the past.

We are all facing challenges like never before NOW and I want this show to be a foundation to you understanding and using your voice to navigate opportunities in your life. 

You can expect me to be controversial at times and have guests on the show as spoken word and the life it can create is powerful …. I am an example of it… building a 20 year career based on it! That impact has been profound too and I want to share that to empower you too. 

You can reach me anytime via email – rob.greenlee@gmail.com or mobile to 253-831-5632 – you can send me a text message or DM via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and yes, even TiKTok and am on Twitter twitter.com/robgreenlee

If you wanted to read more about my background then visit robgreenlee.com/about/

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