Hosting “Podcasting Next” Panel at BlogWorld LA

BlogWorld LA next month (Nov 3-5, 2011) is going to have a Podcasting Track under the PodCamp name.  Here is a link to the session. I am hosting one of the sessions called “Podcasting Next: Fly or Die?”.  I do think some very serious issues face “Podcasting” and its future. My session will also have Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice and Rob Walsh, VP of Podcaster Relations at Wizzard Media/Libsyn on the stage.

Here is an outline of the session “Podcasting Next: Fly or Die?” on Friday, Nov 4th, 2011 in Room 406 A

This session will be a frank and open discussion about what needs to happen to podcasting for it to stay relevant in a social media connected, live streaming, monetization driven and cloud on-demand media platform world. Whether or not the large aggregator platforms will keep improving and innovating around “Free” podcasting? How important are aggregator platforms in a massively online syndicated and App focused landscape? Is RSS-based podcasting on track to being replaced by YouTube and Apps? Is it time to revisit the name “Podcast” for another alternative as we move more towards on-demand streaming to all screens?

Key Points

1. Clear understanding of the next steps for podcasting and its name
2. Answer the question about podcasting’s relevancy in an always connected streaming media world
3. Whether the distribution model of podcasting is being replaced

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