Top 13 Things That “Really” Build A Podcast Audience

I have been recently reading the advice given by many others about ways to promote your podcast.  Many focus on new types of things like distributing CD’s and making business cards for your show – not really the best of ideas really!  I believe in making sure you are doing the basics well first before doing some of these other ideas.  While all the promo ideas given online can help to some degree or so.  The real keys to building your show audience boil down to these things mainly – doing these things well WILL GROW YOUR SHOW:

  1. Great audio/video quality
  2. Entertaining or informative topics with passion, knowledge, personality are KING!
  3. Compelling album art that is refreshed/updated regularly
  4. Clear and interesting show name/series descriptions
  5. Get your show distributed to as many aggregation platforms as possible – even broadcast radio
  6. Major parts of the show include audience involvement/contribution to show and topics
  7. Meet your audience in the real world as much as you can
  8. Guest on other podcasts/radio/TV shows – as a topic expert or entertainer
  9. Contribute via written word to online topic discussions in your genre
  10. Produce shows on a consistant basis and at a fairly consistant duration
  11. Join a network of other podcasters
  12. Work to be known locally in your community and gain local media attention
  13. Get top listing in search engines based on your topic genre keywords

5 thoughts on “Top 13 Things That “Really” Build A Podcast Audience

  1. K Schultz

    I was just reading your article about Podcasting and I thought you brought up some interesting things needed when starting your podcast.
    I’m a student and would like to know what the most important part of the podcast?
    Just want to know any other information available, when it comes to Podcasting.

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  3. Dave Jackson

    Great stuff. For me I hear about other podcasts on other shows (so being a guest is key). I know originally people (myself included) were all about fun ways to get your show out there (business cards, tshirts, and other promotional items). Then I thought, “I’ve never tuned into a podcast because I saw it on a t-shirt.” However, if a friend tells me about a podcast (because of the content), then I’ll definitely tune in.

  4. Steven Gould

    Great article! I have a new podcast that has been doing really well just by word of mouth. I am a police officer aspiring to be a stand up comic. The podcast follows my life as I juggle my family, career, and dream. People seem to like it but I wonder if it’s just because most of them know me. Any listens are appreciated.

    Steve G

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