The Hard To Find Consensus on Truths

The below post has nothing to do with Podcasting and was originally posted on Facebook. 

Given the reactions I am seeing in the media and on social media to issues around men sexual harassment of women. Why did half of this country look the other away and still elect Trump given his admitted abuse and harassment of women? Seems like a mixed message to me, especially given that he was running against a women for President.

Such a scary time for gender relations. You can just feel the pent up anger coming out all over the place in so many ways these days.

The electronic communications of the internet has unleashed the ability to share facts and falsehoods on an equal playing field. It seems like accusations are the same as truths these days, but accusations can be half truths as grey areas exist in all part of life. Yet the internet does such a great job of only exposing the extremes or black and white in all issues.

I fear we as a society are on a path to ongoing cultural civil wars that spans so many areas of conflict that the battles will harden sides and we many never be able to all live in any form of peace or harmony ever again.

I am worried about the path we are on as it seems rather impossible to bring people together. Please correct me if I am wrong or is this the path to improvement in human interaction?

Rob Greenlee

My goal above was to take a neutral tone in my thoughts and really look at the reality of what is happening in the USA today and provide some thought provoking questions that we all need to consider as we COULD be headed in a very bad direction in this country unless we start to focus on the real truth.

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