My Digital Life Show #5: Part 2 Growing Globalization of Podcasts and Electric Cars

Here is episode #5 of  “My Digital Life with Rob Greenlee” for Tuesday, June 18th, 2013.

This episode is part 2 of a series on the growing globalization of Podcasts and what that means for podcasting’s future.

This week, I have an extensive interview with Nicole Simon, Author, Social Media and Podcast Consultant at from Berlin, Germany.  She can also be found on Twitter here @nicolesimon .

I also present an update on my 2 year ownership experience of an 100% Electric 2011 Nissan Leaf.  CNET TV Top 5 Electric Cars is also discussed in this episode — read more from CNET here .


Please feel free to give me feedback on this show to: rob at robgreenlee dotcom or twitter @robgreenlee . Leave some of your thoughts here in the comments and I will respond to them in next week episode.

3 thoughts on “My Digital Life Show #5: Part 2 Growing Globalization of Podcasts and Electric Cars

  1. Shawn

    Thanks for the information on Leaf and other FEV’s, Rob. We’re probably still a few years off from a new vehicle purchase, but my wife and I are seriously considering going full electric with our next car.

  2. Steve Vigus


    A very timely article give the recent press given to podcasting by USA Today and to Tesla for their recent crash test results.

    In a recent interview Don Graunstadt, CEO of Detroit Electric pointed out the tremendous potential for growth of electric vehicles in China, precisely because the country lacks much of the infrastructure that we have for delivering and selling gasoline for motor cars. When you are building the infrastructure from scratch it would presumably be easier to bring in support for electric vehicles than to have to make room for it in addition to the gasoline network.

    He also talks about the future of car audio in a world where smart phones are ubiquitous. Where did I hear about this? Why, in a podcast of course.

    Thanks for the timely story.

  3. Bintang

    wow i did not realize how close it was to maktua fest.I attended last years and that was my first time. i remember because i had given my cellphone number to be called during the show and they did call my number but my phone never recieved the number. so i’m hoping that will not happen again.

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